Concentration, meditation, and ecstasy are the three fundamental steps of Gnostic meditation. Concentration is to fix all the attention, all our spiritual Being, on a certain point, internal or external to our physical body. Meditation is when the subject and object become one and the same. And this is only possible through the spiritual Being. Ecstasy is the direct experience of this loving union between the subject and the object. The following speaks to the asana or posture of the physical body for Gnostic meditation:

“Anyone can assume an Eastern position,
if they want to.
If another person wants to assume a Western position,
they can do so,
and if another wants to assume any other position
that better suits them,
they can do so;
the important thing is that we are comfortable
and can have a good meditation.”

Samael Aun Weor


  1. Relaxation

  2. Practice of Meditation through Rhythmic Breathing

  3. Practice of Meditation through the Exercise of Breathing

  4. The Science of Meditation

  5. The Practice of Interiorization, Concentration, & Meditation

  6. The Eternal Feminine & Her Relationship with the Particular Jeshua

  7. Christic Egyptian Pranayama

  8. Concentration and Meditation

  9. The Kundalini 9a. The Occult Psychology of the Chakras

  10. The Cardia

  11. The Chinese Master Wu Wen.

  12. Om Masi Padme Yom

  13. The Heart Sutra

  14. Practice to Ask for Help form The Masters of the Ray of Medicine

  15. Practice with the Elementals of the Body

  16. The Lord’s Prayer and the Tree of Life

  17. Imagination Practice

  18. Esoteric Discipline of the Mind

  19. Dream Yoga

  20. Comprehension Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition, and Human Problems

  21. Concrete Didactic for the Dissolution of the Eg0 21a. Intimate Psychoanalysis

  22. The 10 Rules of Meditation

Gnosis is self knowledge and Gnostic Study is the study of yourself. 

The introductory courses are to learn about Gnosis and to learn to work on ourselves. They are an introduction to the Gnostic work.

Following are further studies into the nature of the mind, specifically to eliminate defects in the psyche and liberate our essential nature.

These classes are on-going and continuous, with some subjects being developed in retreat format or weekly classes. Classes will offer practical exercises for students to try at home according to their needs and interests.

The objective is to support and aid the seeker in becoming their own Gnostic. That is one who conquers the mysteries on their own...