Every true esoteric school provides teachings in three levels: exoteric, mesoteric and esoteric. In our school these are called the Three Chambers. The Open Lectures of First Chamber the student becomes familiar with the basic foundations of the Gnostic Teachings. Meditation Chamber provides the student the setting to go deeper within, to enter into contact with the essence, and become conscious of what he already knows.

You are welcome to join us for practical lectures and classes on Gnosis. Each class includes a lecture and a guided meditation practice.


With 33 Introductory Lectures to First Chamber plus III Introductory Lectures to Meditation Chamber we have established, in the Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor, the base of our pyramidal program, which allows the sincere seeker of the Gnostic esoteric path to enter the Path the Razor's Edge, and also to walk through it with a clear and well defined Gnostic objective in the psychological death and in the awakening of consciousness.

A pyramidal program of 33 lectures of First Chamber, which essentially structured into eight levels of Being and Knowledge, firstly exposes Gnosis as the knowledge that saves from ignorance. Then, follows a study of Oneself from one's own consciousness, essence, soul embryo, buddhata. And recognizing that our consciousness is in deep sleep, therefore what comes next is evident: the need to awaken the consciousness from its millennial slumber.

And from this important discovery about the current state of our consciousness, the next thing is an exhaustive study of many important esoteric topics: the knowledge of the universal laws, the seven root races, the universal sound, the seven cosmos, the tree of life, the study of the solar man, how to transform impressions, the science of breathing or Pranayama, the sexual hydrogen SI-12, astral travel, the age of Aquarius and the Pancatattwa ritual. And the program ends with three final topics: transcendental sexology, the esoteric initiation, and meditation.

Afterwards comes another program, that due to a purely pedagogical need, is certainly much more practical in its study, that is, the program of the meditation chamber..

Rafael Vargas 

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Introductory Course

1. Introduction to Gnosis
2. The Four Ways
3. The Two Lines of Life
4. Need and Greed

5. Consciousness, Personality and the Animal Ego
6. The Human Machine and the Pluralized “I”
7. The Three Brains and How to Solve Problems
8. The Three Minds
9. The Universal Mind

10. The Spatial Sense and the Fourth Dimension
11. The Awakening of the Consciousness
12. Learning How to Listen

13. Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation
14. The Law of Karma and Dharma
15. The Mysteries of life and Death (I)
16. The Mysteries of Life and Death (II)
17. Evolution, Involution, Revolution

18. The Seven Rounds and the Seven Races (I),(II)   19. The Origin of the "I”
20. The Lunar Influence
21. The Hidden Side of Our Psychological Moon

22. The Universal Sound
23. The Seven Cosmos
24. The Tree of Life
25. The Study of the Solar Man
26. The Seven Types of Man

27. Psychic Development
28. Transformation of impressions
29. Prana, Tattwas and Pranayama
30. “Sexual Hydrogen” SI – 12
31. Astral Travel
32. The New Age of Aquarius
33. The Pancatattwa Ritual

Meditation Chamber

"As long as one has not experienced the Real, one does not feel comforted,
one does not feel with enough force to work on one self, on the 'I'.
But, when one really has gone through such a mystical experience, that is different;
nothing can stop you in your yearning for liberation,
one will work tirelessly on oneself
as to really achieve a radical, total and definitive change.

V.M. Samael Aun Weor

The Meditation Chamber program in our Gnostic Centers teaches the different techniques of relaxation, breathing, concentration and mysticism needed as to achieve a passive state of mind, feelings and personality, thus generating a tremendous activity of the consciousness. This allows us to more and more connect with our inner guide, the Being who in secret lives in the depths of each one of us.


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Gnosis is self knowledge and Gnostic Study is the study of yourself. 

The public introductory and meditation courses are to learn about Gnosis and to learn to work on ourselves. They are an introduction to the Gnostic work.

Following are further studies into the nature of the mind, specifically to eliminate defects in the psyche and liberate our essential nature.

These classes are on-going and continuous, with some subjects being developed in retreat format or weekly classes. Classes will offer practical exercises for students to try at home according to their needs and interests.

The objective is to support and aid the seeker in becoming their own Gnostic. That is one who conquers the mysteries on their own...