The series of Gnostic books, today presented under the title Pegasus Collection, is inspired entirely by the esoteric process lived by V.M. Samael Aun Weor over a 30 year period approximately. Therefore, each written work reflects only a certain stage of his interior path, never the totality of his work. It is only the book, The Three Mountains, which allows us to know the complete map of this path or the inner Great Work.

“I want to tell you that this teaching for the New Age of Aquarius
will be delivered according to the Law of Musical Octaves.
Each of these works is developed
higher and higher notes;
when we get to the synthesis note
the Message will have concluded”.

Samael Aun Weor, My Return to Tibet

 The books on this website are not for sale in bookstores,
simply because we are an institution that does not pursue profit.
Those interested may read them online, and download some free of cost.


Perfect Matrimony

We know of a sacred sexuality in the Middle and Far East but we know nothing of its presence in the West. Precisely because its author reveals them here, this gave rise to a completely international Contemporary Gnostic Movement


The Seven Words

This work deals exclusively with the esoteric processes the Gnostic initiate lives in the so-called astral body. Then, going through the symbolic death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, one will know the meaning of The Seven Words.


The Aquarian Message

The Book of Revelation of the apostle Saint John is the only text of the Hebrew Bible that has not been adulterated because no one understands its symbology. The Aquarian Message looks at it from beginning to end and masterfully unveils it.